Console Spam

Console spam problem

[Sponge]: EntityHeartStone['Heart Stone'/447308, l='AoA_AncientCavern', x=-1.21, y=16.00, z=15.31] is not in chunk (1, 1) and is instead in chunk (-1, 0) within world AoA_AncientCavern, skipping save. This is a bug fix to a vanilla bug. Do not report this to Sponge or Forge please.

I don‘t know how to fix this error, it spams my console all the time and I have an over 70M log
everyday. How do I fix it or how do I hide these messages


What mods and plugins do you have?

Also that message looks like part of a crash. Have you got a log?

Did you even read this bit? There is nothing you can do, it’s a bug in Minecraft itself that is patched.
Do not report this to Sponge or Forge please