Constant root tick lag and skipping ticks


I am currently hosting a server from Apex and set up a Project Ozone 3 mod pack; installing Spongeforge and a few addons to make life easier (Nucleus, Catclearlag and MMC Item restrict to be precise).

After an hour or so, I noticed that I kept getting skips in the console as below:

13.04 22:57:55 [Server] Server thread/WARN [minecraft/MinecraftServer]: Can’t keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded? Running 2818ms behind, skipping 56 tick(s)

These are always of the same type of time value, though sometimes it spikes until 11,000 on rare occasions. This has been going pretty much constantly since the server was set up on the 9th April. I upgraded the server from 6Gb to 12Gb just to keep things going as smooth as possible but the memory usage keeps spiralling up to 100% as well, which is rather concerning as there are only about 12 people not he server.

Sponge configuration is as per the Pastebin link:

I have also been running a timings report for the last few hours as the please see below:

Additionally, I have requested the hoster to implement the JVM changes as mentioned in another post on here but have not heard back from them as of yet.

Finally, I am not able to generate a new world of anything like that as people have been going mental on this server (highest 3 players have 46, 38 and 35 hours since the evening of 9th April) and there is a lot of work people don’t want to lose.

Thanks in advance for your help on this.

The timings report doesn’t reveal much, but it looks like the Epic Siege mod is choking things a bit when it saves, so you could try to change its’ frequency. You might need to drill down further using something like the plugin spark to get a better view of the problems.
Is there a lot of new wgen happening when players explore? There wasn’t much evident in the timings, but it’s a common problem that creating new terrain will consume a lot of server resources - and it only happens whilst players are exploring.

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Thanks for your response, I will have a look at spark and try and get some additional data.

There are a couple of players who have wings and are loading quite a few new chunks yes, I have started a world pregen using Nucleus to try and limit this issue as it was becoming more prevalent.

I have taken a look through the config file for epic siege mod and can’t find anything to do with save timings. Will keep on digging though to see if I can find anything, failing that I will just disable it entirely as I don’t think there are any special drops from it that players need.