Convert item String to ItemStack

How to convert a String like “minecraft:planks[variant=spruce]” to a ItemStack?

either make a method that processes it into an itemstack, or check if ItemStack is serializable as a string. if it is, make the conversion through that.

Kinda the same thing as this:

Only the above is a bit more relevant :blush:. You want the string as a BlockType and create a new ItemStack of that :smile:.

BlockType or ItemType. how the string should be given and how it is processed to be returned is based upon the implementation.

Does that work with the variant part?

I think it “should” be something like this:

BlockType blocktype = game.getRegistry().
             getType(BlockType.class, "minecraft:planks[variant=spruce]").get();
ItemBlock itemblock = blocktype.getHeldItem().get()
ItemStack itemstack = game.getRegistry().getItemBuilder().

But the current implementation. Doesn’t seem to like that :frowning: .

I think a BlockType only holds the data from the blocktype, and doesn’t save the variant.

“minecraft:planks” also doesn’t work :cry:.

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time for an issue?

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