Could you help me to fix server errors? [PD: Server works]

The server loads with mods and plugins but it shows line errors and i would like to know if they can be fixed or not

Can you upload your logs to a site such as pastebin? The images are so compressed that I can not see the writing on them.

You can get the console output of your server in file format by looking at /logs/latest.txt

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So after going to the source of the image upload I could see the less compressed edition of the image. Im assuming when you say “line errors” you mean the [WARN] lines written in yellow as there is no actual errors (that would show in red).

All the [WARN] from image 1 are to do with programming so sadly no. The exception is the one stating that “version” is missing. This is sort of programming i think. I believe that message appears if the version number of the mod is in the @Mod to launch the mod but isnt in the forge looking file, so if you open the mod up, you will see the file that you can add the version number to.

The second image, never seen that message so can not tell you anything, but if you find what mod is causing it and ask that community, they maybe able to help you.

The 3rd image i haven’t been able to get to yet.

Overall. This are just [WARN] meaning that its not harmful to have them, so dont worry too much about them. If a message appears in red, thats when it can be harmful.