Couple Questions

Hello, I am considering putting sponge on my modded FTB Beyond server with 8GB of ram with the premium plan on pebble host. However I saw some people saying that it slows down the server and makes it lag quite a bit. I was wondering if it would lag on my sever or cause block lag or corrupt mods and the world.

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I have not seen any “slow down” on any of my servers. That being said I very rarly use SpongeForge.

As for corrupt worlds/mod files the answer is difficult to answer as some mods do some things that they really shouldn’t and Sponge (and many other mods) break because of the questionable logic however if you have mods that actually do things in Minecraft correctly then no mods will crash (including plugins) and all your worlds will be fine.

For FTB Beyond (I think) Sponge works fine with it as long as it is loaded first, so if you rename the spongeforge file to “aspongeforge” it should bring it to the top of the folder.

The best thing to do it take a backup of your server and then try it, if it works great, if not, pop the issue your having here and the very welcoming Sponge community will do what we can to help you out (probably won’t be me as I very rarly dab with Spongeforge)

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If anything, the optimisations of SpongeForge should actually be able to speed up the server. There may be some impact on startup times because of mixins, but serious lag should not occur when running. It’s possible that some mods may have undesirable impacts on some things; however, most features of Sponge can be disabled in the config if need be.
I’d suggest using the Spark profiler plugin if you encounter server lag problems, as it is designed to help you isolate exactly that. The built-in Sponge timings can also be used, but provide less information.

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So sponge be removed by simply removing the jar?

Taking the SpongeForge jar file out of the mods folder will remove it, yes. You might still notice some changes on starting up without Sponge, as Forge will notice that “sponge:human” is missing, and want to run a backup. That can safely be ignored.

The only lag you’d likely be getting would be from plugins with poor optimizations. For instance, my plugin’s particle system is really slow, so that would cause some lag, but all that would need to resolve the problem is some time to be spent on cleaning up the code and just making it a lot faster overall.

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