CPU overloaded, modded server 1.12.2


i keep getting the Cant keep up! message, i know its because its my CPU is overloaded and keeps maxing out, and ive done everything on other forums like setting up a RAID0, allocating more RAM ( i was a bit excessive and added 20gigs) but i keep lagging. i was wondering if anyone could recommend a CPU more powerful than the i5-3550S (it has a base speed of 3GHz, turbo of 3.7GHz and i know cores dont matter but it has 4 of them) edit: processor needs to be LGA 1155


Generate a timings report using Sponge Timings and post it here.

It would also be useful to know if:

  • You are using a host or self hosting
  • is anything else running on the OS that is running the Minecraft server? Something like antivirus can murder the performance of game servers.
  • what OS are you using?


im hosting it myself with my own PC, nothing else is running that could use up a noticeable amount of the processor and im on win10, im also using 50 mods if that helps