Crafting recipes

So, I had an idea for a plugin which I don’t think has been made for Sponge yet. A plugin that shows players how to craft items, so that they don’t have to look them up on the Wiki.
The idea is that the user types “/craft hopper” or “/recipe hopper” or similar, and a crafting table grid shows up with the required materials in their respected places in the grid (In this scenario).
Other features would include aliases for items, such as “clay pot” / “flower pot”, etc. I think you follow my train of thought on this. Maybe these aliases could be made customizable?

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I think therefore the Inventory API has to be implemented completely.

The API is done. The implementation is not. Unfortunately, I learned this first hand after completing BuycraftX-Sponge’s GUI and finding an error because it’s not implemented. Sigh.

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I have something that should do that, but the lack of a recipe implementation makes it difficult to test. I don’t have a github repository for it right now, if you want I can upload what I have.