CraftIRC - An IRC-minecraft relay plugin [API 5.0.0]


Oh I see that now, Thats to stop it pinging a person who is in the IRC at the same time right?




Thanks man, Well thats fixed.
That symbol is a tad annoying but Im sure I can deal with that for awhile.

How do I add colour to the text? That way people can see that its from the IRC. I can see there is a colour filter but im not sure how that works.


What is that symbol when you write it in IRC?

At the moment to add custom coloring you’d need to write out the actual characters in the config. See the [IRC] example for where you’d put that sort of thing.


So that symbol only shows up from people who are talking through the infinity server relay. We use Eric? I think that’s what it’s called. But yeah, that mod does the same as this, so it hooks the server and the IRC together. But the players on that server have that symbol for some reason. If they talk straight from the IRC there is no symbol.

As for the colour Im not sure where the IRC example is. If you are talking about the one in the config I tried adding it so it was something like &2[IRC] and that didnt work at all.


Sounds like that mod is sending a fun character to IRC! I’ll look into fun ways of stopping it

As for colorstuffs, I suppose it would be better if I made that support clearer first.


Its pretty confusing really. When in the IRC it just shows up as

[13:50] <Empyrean_Infinity> <sageface55> 

But in game it has that funny icon.


Looks like a non-printing character that shows up in MC and not IRC, it’s probably their solution to avoiding pings for irc nicknames.


Any plans for an update any time soon?
Updating to Sponge 570 seems to have broken the mod.


Try using sponge below 554 with this (eg 553) as Sponge 554 introduced a new DataAPI which causes almost all plugins to break.


Yeah all my plugins have broken :stuck_out_tongue:


Try downgrading to 553 for now and wait for the plugins devs to update to Data2.0 :wink:


Thanks man, I hadn’t read any update logs or following any of the dev posts so I had no idea there was a change :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for letting me know.


@Deimos can I see the errors you’re getting?


This is running Sponge 553 like Tzk suggested
Version: CraftIRC:4.0.1-SNAPSHOT

So that could be the problem. Maybe, you know me, Im rather noobish :stuck_out_tongue:

#36 Connection refused: localhost/


Literally as soon as you posted this I noticed that when I updated to 570 it dupped all my plugin configs!


Update post, it’s an update post!

I’ve added support for joins/quits. Nothing exciting yet, it doesn’t even send over the proper formatting.


I have now updated to the latest SpongeAPI changes. Next actual CraftIRC ‘release’ will be after Sponge goes from alpha to beta.


Hello is there anyway I can get a download link to a compiled version of this? Sorry to ask, but I’m kinda a rookie at all this. Thanks! Also does the newest sponge build break this?