CraftIRC - An IRC-minecraft relay plugin [API 5.0.0]


I’ll… go ahead and make life easier for both of us. Update in a few minutes…


Version 4.0.2, totally untested, available from the Github releases page:

Will update main post once tested, which won’t be by me until at least tomorrow.


Thank you so much I am working on testing it now!


Ok, so I am trying to use this to connect to our IRC server on our localhost machine. We are using the channel #global. If we are running it on port 6667 is there anyway to specify that in the config.

We have other servers that join that channel to use a cross server chat and are trying to make this work as well. Here is what I have for our config:

Any help or advice is wonderful thanks!


The undocumented full config for a bot with default values (meaning you don’t need to set them, they are these by default):

nick: "CraftIRC"
host: "localhost"
port: 6667
ssl: false
user: "CraftIRC" # nick!user@host
realname: "CraftIRC Bot" # on whois
password: null # SERVER password, not an account password
  host: null
  port: 0
  user: null
  pass: null

This means that it should be happily connecting to that server by default. If you’re having issues connecting it should give you info in the server log about it.


Ok so we looked in our log and see that it is connecting to the server, it just isn’t joining the #global channel like we need it to. Any suggestions? Sorry again to be a bother.


Are you editing your configs with Microsoft Word or something? The quotes around #global are not the proper " character but rather and characters.


Well now I feel stupid, I unfortunately have a mac and it likes to put whatever characters it wants all over the place. We have it up and running. Currently is there any way to pull a user’s tag from PEX and push it to the IRC?


Not at this moment, though it’s on the todo list. :3


Is there a way to reload the YML instead of restarting the server?


That… would probably be a good feature. Added a ticket for it to track. Might be able to do it today, might not.


4.0.3 now available, with reloading and update checking



Hello me again,

We can’t seem to get chat to go to the IRC. Join messages and Quit messages go just fine, we can receive messages, but nothing is going to the IRC from the server.

Here is our config:

We are using essentialcmds for our chat and PEX for our permissions if that is relevant at all.


I’ll look into it shortly.

Update: Confirmed working fine on latest SpongeForge. Now acquiring PEX…

Update 2: Confirmed working fine with PEX. Let’s see what happens with EssentialCmds…

Update 3: Without configuring anything, EssentialCmds abuses poor chat. That said, I forgot that I never got around to making CraftIRC handle such things like a champ. I’ll get right on that.


Released version 4.0.5 which, for now, works happily to send messages to IRC but doesn’t carry any plugin-set fancy formatting or changes.


Thanks for the quick update!! Will test out and report anything else back!


Awesome plugin! I’m having a bit of an issue where the CraftIRC bot seems to randomly disconnect at times with a simple “CraftIRC has quit (Remote host closed the connection)” message in the IRC channel. The bot then never reconnects and I have to manually run a /craftirc reload command to reestablish the connection. I haven’t been able to pinpoint the exact cause of the issue as of yet, but it seems to coincide with a “Can’t Keep Up” message in the console. Furthermore, I don’t seem to have any such messages unless CraftIRC is enabled and working. I’ll be sure to update you if I can discover the exact cause, just like Jesse we use essentialcmds and PEX.


I should add some debug code so you can figure these things out easier…


Yes please! :grinning:


Version 4.0.6 released!

Contains new debug lines for bot config. Here’s a snippet of the bot config:

  - host: localhost
    name: MyInternalBotName
    nick: CraftIRC
      exceptions: false
      input: false
      output: false


Thanks I’ll report back if it contains any info!