Crash Conflict Pattern Found

I’ve been troubleshooting what mods are causing a fatal conflict with spongeforge on my server, and I’m starting to see a pattern.

So far it’s just Player API, and Moving World. However, both are core mods, and both of them affect entities in a massive way. I don’t really know if this is important enough, but it might be something for the sponge developers to look into, possibly.

I’ve had MovingWorld working with SpongeForge before, which involved renaming it to change the mod-loading order (they load alphabetically). I admit I haven’t tried it in the last few weeks, but you might want to try that first. There has been much discussion with the developer of Archimedes Ships/MovingWorld about this.

I will try that, thanks. If I can have ASP back in my pack, it’d help the feel greatly

It’s a bit of a hack but you can try using the SpongeBootstap I made. It should fix the issue with MovingWorld