[Crash] Crash with claim

When I marked 2 points to claim, mark the first point and on the way to the second point the server crashed. I tried several times with other plugins like redprotect and UniverseGuard, and the results still crashed.

  • I have updated to the latest version of sponge and plugin

File crash:



In the future, please use Pastebin or Hastebin to post crash reports, as they format it much nicer… (to those looking for a nicer format, both the “Pastebin” and “Hastebin” links go to pastes/hastes of the crash report)

Besides that, from what I can tell… the crash report failed to create a crash report? Is everything up to date (it looks like it is, but I’m not sure)?

For reference. Some logs are too large.

oke ^^ I will learn from experience

So, can anyone tell me how to fix this?




crash :


Try a smaller claim? Increase incrementally. I would guess that sponge is trying to track something like the the number of blocks undergoing change/being claimed and blowing up doing so. This might be an issue with the claim plugin being used more than sponge, as I don’t get this using griefprevention. Just a thought. Have you done claims this large before?

Sorry I don’t know how to close the post. I have found the cause, it comes from the worldedit plugin.