Crash on Dawncraft server 1.12_hf

Hastebin, here is my crash report. i run on a shockbyte server with a server type of Forge_1.18.2_40.2.1, i was just exploring new chunks, may have qlitched out of chunk, not sure, they were slowly loading in, and the server crashed, tried restarting the server , my client, nothing works, when i join back i have all equipment but the world is not generating and im falling through the void. and in the console it seems watchdog intentionally closed the server since a tick was taking way too long to register to avoid corruption. im not sure what is causing the TPS to be to slow but can someone help me please? im inexperienced with looking at the logs

This is a support forum for Sponge. You aren’t using a Sponge implementation, so you aren’t really in the right place to seek help. Have you asked the hosting service for assistance?