Crash on startup ATM 6

Hello everyone im trying to pass my server on a SpongeForge server but he still crashig every time.

Here were is crashing i know it a issue wtih observable i there a way to fix this ?

[20:31:14] [main/WARN] [mixin/]: @Redirect conflict. Skipping observable.common.json:LevelMixin->@Redirect::redirectTick(Lnet/minecraft/tileentity/ITickableTileEntity;)V with priority 1000, already redirected by mixins.sponge.tracker.json:world.level.LevelMixin_Tracker->@Redirect::tracker$wrapBlockEntityTick(Lnet/minecraft/tileentity/ITickableTileEntity;)V with priority 1102

Thanks !

Mind posting your whole log? Sometimes it’s not what it looks like (the line you sent is a warning, not a crash)