Crash Report:

Hello, my Sponge Server after 30sec is crashed.
When i wan’t start it again then after 30sec crash… :frowning:

It looks like you’re missing some dependencies, although I’m not sure what. Make sure all your mods/plugins have the mods/plugins they themselves require.

Also I see you’re using PEX, that plugin is abandoned and I’m not even sure it’s 1.12.2 compatible, you’ll want to use LuckPerms (It has a converter for PEX, although you may need to fix the ranking/weights).

I’ve also never even heard of some of these other mods/ plugins, you will need to check they’re 1.12.2 compatible too.

Hope this helps,

~ Alice

@yepidoodles Thanks you. I deleted PEX and use now LuckPerms. But the server still crash. I have looked on new Crash-Report again and i found 3 Plugins it needed Developers Plugins. But why standing in crash-report Missing Mods:
unknown : need any: have missing

I’m new here. I don’t know if you are Admin or someone of Sponge Team. When you are, please close this Thread when you wan’t/must.

I’m not staff, they usually have coloured tags by their names. Did you figure it out? If not I suggest removing all your mods/plugins and then re-adding them one or two at a time until you find your problem ones.

I agree with epidoodles. Verify version compatibility with each mod and make sure they have the required dependancies and those dependancies are version compatible.

If it was me, I would do just as epidoodles suggested and remove ALL mods and make sure the server itself starts fine. Then add the mods and dependancies one mod at a time so you know for sure what works and what doesn’t. Right know it’s just a big wad of “Who the ef knows?”

BTW: Try to put the links in the text, not the title.

I think you’re missing HuskyUI.

I can’t in text because links are not permitted.

Yes, i haven’t check the plugins Topic/Site. The Server hasn’t started because i needed Precogs-1.2, HuskyUI and PlaceholderAPI-4.4.