Crash was caused by org.spongepowered... when trying to use Sinytra connector

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I have been interested in not using Optifine and switching to Sodium. Though I find it weird that Sodium won’t ever go to Forge, where the mods I like to use and play with are on. I did some researching and found that you can use a connector mod (with its dependency) to merge Forge mods and Fabric mods together, the connector acting like the Fabric API. The instructions in Sinytra does say you can paste the mod from Fabric with the mods from Forge. I try booting up the game and get this error as my exit code:

org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.transformer.throwables.MixinTransformerError: An unexpected critical error was encountered

I have the full log pasted in a pastebin as well to see what mods Sponge is conflicting with, as for all I know, it shouldn’t be conflicting with any. I would appreciate the help!

So the issue you have isnt to do with sponge (sponge forge doesnt have a 1.20.1 release)but instead a mixin issue. Mixins are built into forge and fabric and are used to hook into minecraft’s code. Therefore any error you get that states its a mixin error is responsibly for the mod owner (not us).

The issue in your crash report is this

Critical injection failure: Callback method setAdditionalWindowHints(Lorg/spongepowered/asm/mixin/injection/callback/CallbackInfo;)V in sodium.mixins.json:core.WindowMixin from mod sodium failed injection check, (0/1) succeeded. Scanned 1 target(s). Using refmap sodium-fabric-refmap.json

So something is wrong with sodium. I dont know nearly enough about mixin errors to tell you the exact issue. But my guess is your fabric and forge bridge isnt good enough to support sodium

In terms of a mod developer targetting fabric over forge… There are a lot of technical differences between fabric and forge making it so that any developer will have a hard time making a mod that works on both. And with all the drama that forge has had and the potential performance boost from fabric, as well as the previously mentioned development issues. A lot of developers who volunteer to make mods dont want the hassle.

The same goes the other way (forge mods to give support to fabric), there is a lot of nice to have features in forge that mods take advantage of that are just lacking in fabric (even with its api extension), nor do they want to move all the forge centric code to make it into a way both platforms support.

I cant say the exact reason why sodium doesnt support forge, but there are plenty of reasons not to support forge. And there are plenty of reasons why a mod doesnt support fabric

Is there possibly a bridge to connect Fabric to Forge mods? If so, I might go that route.
The reason I still use Forge for most of my mods is because Applied Energetics 2 and chunk loaders don’t have a fabric version iirc and I don’t do modding without at least one of them

Your asking the wrong person. I make sponge vanilla plugins. Dont really pay attention to the client modding scene