Crash with mod "Astral Sorcery"

I’m hosting a 1.12.2 server using spongeforge7.1.4 with forge 2678 and encountered an error with mod “Astral Sorcery”. When a player try to map out a constellation, he will run into a crash and disconnected from server. The crash will not happen when play in single player mode.
Server runs latest Java8 on windows.

Other mods installed:
Open Blocks 1.8
Slash Blade r15
Biomes O Plenty
Industrial Craft 2.8.73-ex112
Pam’s HarvestCraft 1.12.2zb
Thaumcraft 6.1.BETA26
and denpendencies of above mods

Thanks for your concern.

Sponge community doesn’t help with things you need help with. Stop using their work.

Sponge has no good use in large mod packs as it just causes more lag than normal forge server. Shame Sponge sucks so bad, it has potential…

Actually we do help. We will help with anything we can.

@SSV_Normandy would you be able to provide a log of the crash with sponge as that will help us narrow down the issue


How-to Logs
Please go to your logs folder and upload the debug.log file to one of these sites, and then give us the link.

Paste Sites

You can edit/delete your previous posts to keep everything tidied up.

Thanks for your advice, i will edit my previous posts.
The log file is 200MB, I can’t even copy it to my clipboard. I paste logs related to the error instead, will that work?


called from off main thread

It seems like Astral sourcery is running something out of the main thread that Minecraft wants to be in the main thread. Due to the fact Sponge assumes that forge mods are programmed with the Minecraft engine in mind and not just “to get it working”.

I personally dont use Sponge Forge, I can say that im 99% sure that there isn’t a “easy fix”. (Someone with more knowledge of Forge, SpongeForge and maybe Astral Sourcery) can prove me wrong.

You may also want to show the developer of the mod this error and see if they can fix it on their end (from my understanding, most forge developers that have this error are resilient on fixing it and will blame Sponge for working closely with Forge and understanding the Minecraft engine).

Thanks, this bug actually doesn’t bother me much, I will post the error to mod author as well.