Crashing on world loading

After initializing my run.bat file, everything loads fine until the point it says the world is spawning with that little percent message. Then I get a red wall of text followed by the server forcibly stopping.

Note that I run this on my own computer. Before this had happened, my computer completely froze while simultaneously playing on the server. I had to shutdown my computer after having a frozen screen after around 5 minutes of hopeful waiting. Something I’m sure would probably corrupt something.

This server was made for 4-5 players on the Pixelmon reforged modpack as well…

I’m hoping if anything in the following log can guide anyone to tell me what the real problem is. Thanks.

Crash gist:

Versions used:
SpongeForge: spongeforge-1.12.2-2825-7.1.6
Forge: forge-1.12.2-
Java: Version 8 Update 202 (64bit) (Also have SE Dev kit if that mattered)

OS: Windows 10 Home
Ram Alloc: 4GBs


Let me know if I missed anything. Not sure if I read the right “Making a new support thread”.

So your Level_Sponge.dat file is corrupt (doesnt tell me which world though). The way to fix this is if you have a backup of the world, or a backup of the .dat file (normally one created with the file extention of .dat.bak) then backup your corrupt one and then replace it with your original backup.

If all else fails then once again backup the .dat file and then delete it and hopefully sponge will recreate it

I seemed to have recovered the world after deleting the DIM1 and DIM-1 folders. I also had a corrupted error from a level_sponge.dat under an “ultra” folder.

Upon entering the world, everything seems normal but the only downside is that I lost my own inventory and the pokemon in my current party. Not sure if there’s something else I can do here.

I have a world backup on my desktop which still holds the corrupted filed before I had messed with them (Which I’ve only be deleting) so I don’t know if I should retry something else.

In the folder, there should be a file called level_sponge_old.dat or something. You could try renaming that to level_sponge.dat, however it might be corrupt too.

Do you still have access to some of the old logs from the last time you shut down your server? I’ve seen this issue relatively often, and I’d like to figure out what’s causing it. The most I can tell so far is that something happens while shutting down the server which causes this to occur when you start it back up.

@JBYoshi I can’t confirm this right now, but from what I heard at one point, it just had to do with the fact that sponge was not closing the level sponge DAT file, which meant that when the server crashed it corrupted the file. I do not see any reason why, if this is the case, we need to constantly keep the file stream open…

It does close the streams. See