CrateCrate - The cratest crate plugin of all time

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The cratest crate plugin of all time.

~Alexander the Crate

CrateCrate is a Sponge plugin for adding loot crates to your server. The plugin
is still in development, but you can join our Discord to stay up to date on
progress, assist with beta testing, and provide feedback/suggestions.

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A new version has been released for CrateCrate, it is available for download here.

Ore | Source | Discord | FlashLabs

The initial release of CrateCrate! This focuses on the following core features:

  • Crates, rewards, prizes (command/item), and keys (virtual)
  • Crate location registration and interactions (blocks)
  • Documentation, configuration, and commands for the above

Other features such as messages, effects, menus, and other useful (but not critical) features are planned for v0.1.0.

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Great, thank you.