Crates plugin API 8.1

Hey everyone! Is there any crates plugin for sponge API 8.1?
If not, can someone do it so I can pay him for that? It would be very comfortable for me if you can port gwm crates to API 8.1

There are two plugins that i can see that would work on your server

It doesnt look like GWM would be updated and as the ID has been taken on ore, getting a official port would probably be out of the question. While it could be GWM reloaded or something, it seems the source code website no longer exists making a port that much harder

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Unfortunately, there’s not crate plugin for API 8.1

The page i sent has 2. Cratecrate and cratedrops. Do you mean that they dont have the features you want? If so could you be more specific?

Cratedrops isn’t crate plugin for cases, it’s case dropping in the world
CrateCrate has only 1 version for API 8 which was made 2 years ago with 170 downloads. It’s not actual plugin

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