Cravatar - Minecraft Avatars – simplified


today I want to introduce you to our project:

What is Cravatar?

Cravatar is most like Minotar, but has some cool enhancements.
With Cravatar, you can embed player avatars on your website. Furthermore you have the choice between a “flat” or a “perspective” view.
Cravatar is optimized for fast image loading. It wont “slow down” your website.


Check it out on

We would like to see your feedback and suggestions. :slight_smile:

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May I suggest improving your perspective head view (see Lapitar (GitHub - LapisBlue/Lapitar: (Archive, not actively maintained) A new open source Minecraft avatar service)) for something closer to this


This is good. How about a way to make a spinning widget?

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Interesting, competition for Title can't be empty - #17 by The_Doctors_Life


With the addition of iso heads, I think this one is winning so far, although I haven’t used either to vouch for dependable their services are. Likely moreso than minotar as of late.

@McLive I’d quite like to see the iso heads be rendered with slightly oversized hat layers so they actually look like they are on the hat layer. The ones that just render it smashed against the face always kinda irritated me. Never seen Lapitar before, but perhaps it does the hat layers a bit better.

Could do with some more interesting features (to stay ahead of the apparent heard of people who seem to be doing these things now), rather than just the usual heads, like full skin renders (maybe not in iso form as I imagine that can be a pain), or even styalized skin renders (tiny body, big head with thick outlines thing I saw somewhere was interesting), and maybe just some other cool ways of rendering in case someone wants to have more interesting looking avatars on their sites. A fallback image feature like Crafatar has may also be helpful.

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Honestly, did you need to post your project in a thread dedicated to someone else’s project? If this was abandoned, and people were looking for a similar service, I would understand, but in this case, I find that pretty rude.


I have to agree with Jake, it’s rude to post similar projects to a project thread if the project is still clearly alive.

I don’t believe he is part of the project though (he doesn’t appear to be in the projects contributors) either way it still shouldn’t be posted here.

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If you’re talking about MCLive, yes, I believe he is the creator of Cravatar.

No I was talking about @malgm in relation to Lapitar. But that’s not really on topic anyways.

More on topic: I personally think the site needs a little work. The mostly white background makes it a little hard on my eyes. Nothing a bit of color editing couldn’t solve. Overall pretty good though. :slight_smile:

I didn’t mean to cause any offense, rather pointing out an alternative, which I believe has a better perspective head view. In which I point out to help you, so you can improve your service

Again I am sorry if I came across as rude.

I would have to disagree, I don’t believe it is rude to point out similar projects in a thread.
It’s like saying you can’t talk about Bukkit in a Canary forum because the two are/were competing API’s.
I will say however the way I did, bit come across as rude, I am not a member of LapisBlue, so I am not trying to gain attention to the project. Like I said in the previous post I was only trying to point out another service to help Cravatar improve their service.



Nice job with the full body 3d-view, however it doesn’t seem to be rendering under the head.

You mean the shadow under the head?

No under the head is completely black, even though I have set the texture for under my head.

@malgm I think they’re going for realistic lighting: IE, the under-the-head texture would be completely shadowed out.

Correct, it’s meant to be black under the head.