Crazy Server Lag Despite 10GB RAM?

Hi there, I was experimenting with setting up a modded server for myself and a few friends (<10). Upon loading the server though, the lag made playing on the server pretty much unplayable. Could anyone provide some insight on what’s causing this issue? I don’t have very extensive knowledge of servers but I’m pretty certain that it isn’t an issue with my wifi. Some info on my computer and the server:

  • 16GB RAM computer but I allocated 10GB for the server
  • I’m not running anything else on the laptop I’m using for the server while It’s up
  • Using Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons modpack (removed OpenTerrainGenerator and Biome Bundle to make it compatible with SpongeForge)
  • Server seems to struggle even when no players are on and only up to 60% of the allocated RAM is used at maximum

I used timings to try to determine the cause but I’m still struggling to understand the issue. The thing listed as causing the majority of the lag doesn’t seem to be related to any of the mods? Any help would be very much appreciated. Here’s the link to the timings: Aikar's Timings Viewer

So the main thing that is causing the lag is the following.

Battle Towers::WorldGenHandler_eventWorldSave
total(1.42% 0.046s, 23.08% of tick)
avg(0.18ms per - 11.54ms/64.00 per tick)

Sadly I know nothing of this mod, so cannot help, if it has its own forum/discord you may be able to get help there.

Just fyi, Ram isnt everything. You could have 500PB of ram, but if your processor is running at 1mhz then it will lag. (Both those numbers are extreme and wont find in real life).

The processor of your computer is a huge factor in server performance (I would argue more then Ram in these days where budget computers have 4GB)

Thanks, I’ll look into it! Also for future reference, do you know what the “Minecraft::Full Server Tick (SELF)” part of the timings report represents? It’s listed as being nearly 1600% of the tick but I’m not sure if it is the same as “Minecraft::Full Server Tick” because It appears to be a subsection of this broader category.

I dont know myself (its a question ive never cared to look for a answer to).

My guess would be that the self part would be the actual tick whereby mods and plugins would listen to, while the none self would be any extra (such as post tick, pre tick, schedulers, etc)

Ah, ok. I think I’ll just try to run the server on my actual computer instead of my laptop, there doesn’t seem to be a fix for the battle towers lag and maybe my CPU can’t keep up with the server.

Whats the cpu? On your desktop and laptop?

You mean real life right now, otherwise, my old commodore 64 takes offense at its 1mHz clock not existing in reality :slight_smile:

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XD i meant combined