Create Plugin on Bukkitforge Server(1.5.2)


hey guys i want to know how to create plugins on modpack server what api i need? and can i reload the server after changing or adding plugins ? or have i ever to restart the server ?



So a few things:

  1. This is Sponge, not bukkit. Totally totally different system.
  2. Assuming you mean how to make plugins on the Sponge platform (which is NOT compatible with bukkit), there is a handy docs page here:
  3. Plugins can choose if they want to reload when you run the reload command, however they do not HAVE to. It is always safest to restart the server after applying changes (and making backups… always make backups).
  4. Because of the optimizations and such that Sponge does, you cannot live add or remove plugins (adding them while the server is running)


okay thanks but sponge is only availble for version 1.10+ with forge support


what do i have to use for 1.5.2 or 1.7.10 servers…?


No one really knows because those versions are old and no longer supported unless its vanilla minecraft.


hm okay thanks anyway



You would use a separate product like Cauldron, and furthermore you’d use the official discussion board for whatever that would be, because this forum is dedicated to Sponge. If you want to join us in 2019, we’d be glad to tell you how to get a 1.12 server working with SpongeForge, but if any Cauldron discussion happens it’s probably supposed to be in #general-discussion:off-topic .