Creating a custom item recipe

is there currently a way to add custom item recipes with server-side only plugins? I’ve heard that part is not implemented yet and that I would have to use the internals. How would I do that? I guess that means I’d have to build against Forge, which brings me to another question: Is there an easy way to add Forge as a dependency to my plugin (maybe via a maven dependency)?


If this is for a modpack, most have CraftTweaker installed (The successor to MineTweaker) it allows a lot of recipe manipulation.

No, it is supposed to be for purely server-side mods (plugins).

Well… I dont know about actually doing recipes (I was under the impression that was forge) but you could create a plugin that say you throw items at and it makes a new item. (ex: Throw 3 cobble and a sand at a crafting table and it will output dirt)

I’d rather use a mechanic that players are already familiar with.

Custom recipes will be possible using a plugin over Sponge but not available yet

You can use minecraft internals: CraftingManager, or use forge’s GameRegistry

@kashike has a WIP pull request for recipes

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Also, you don’t need Forge to build against the internals. They’re present in vanilla as well.

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Hey any updates on implementing recipes?