Creating A Good Topic / Post

This post was created to assist in helping new users understand what makes a good post.

In this article i will attempt to describe what makes a good post and guidelines that should be followed until an official release is made.

Step 1).

Decide on what your topic is. It is important that your topic describes your post as best as possible.

Step 2).

Determine rather or not the topic you have selected has already been posted or has a similar/relevant post.

Step 3).
Determine the correct category / sub category your post should be in. This is generally easy to decide for example if your post was based on “Sponge” place your post in the “Sponge” category.

Step 4).
Ask your self if your post is appropriate for the forums, Often posts containing: Profanity, Explicit material, Non Relevant Subjects, or Advertisements for other community’s are not welcome. The above options are not official and should only be considered as general guide lines for forum posting.
All posts should comply with the sponge [TOS][1].

If anything is missing or you feel should be added please reply to this post and it will be added asap.

Again i would like to make clear this guide is Not Official and in no way represents Sponge forums / staff / team or associated members .

Best of luck posting
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This is pretty much something you learn in grade school.
However, people are stupid enough to create non-irrelevant, profane posts.

But the people who do so are most likely not going to come see this thread because they are too proud to so.
Thank you for taking the time to post this though.

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Can someone with the power pin this pls, or create an official equivalent.