Creating a new server and running into an error with (I believe) GriefPrevension Plug in. Not sure what are my next steps

Here is the pastebin
any help would be appricated! I am brand new to this and I am running it on a Dell optiplex 390 with 4 gb ram and I hope to start port forwarding but I haven’t gotten to that point yet. I also have Pixelmon in the mods file

Did you read the very last line of the log? Grief prevention requires you to have a permissions system (like luckperms) installed and configured properly

is this like a plug in ? I am sorry I am super new to this

You need to use a permissions plugin to manage who has permission to do what. Luckperms is probably your only option at present. There is also an excellent wiki for GriefPrevention, and also it’s up-to-date successor GriefDefender, on GitHub. I recommend the latter, it works properly with more recent Sponge recommended builds.

Is this the plug in I need ?

Luckperms? Yes. I recommend getting it through Ore, our plugin download platform. Links are in the top bar.