Creating a Pixelmon Server

So i am creating a Pixelmon server with service Hosthorde and im running into a few problems. Seeing this is first time ive ever tried using sponge i am inexpirienced. If anyone could help me add me on Skype.

skype :: NASTY2DAWGS

pixelmon is a piece of spyware filled with backdoors. Stay away at all costs

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Sponge is still under heavy development. Don’t use it on a production server!

uw0tm8 o_O

can you please add a (jk) or something to that post? thanks

it’s true though, You must haven’t decompiled it yet :smiley:

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Yeah, I wasn’t kidding.

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They’re not joking.


pixelmon is still in beta

That part of code that allowed the devs to remotely disable servers has been removed months ago.

That wasn’t the only problem, and I still wouldn’t mess with them

Well all i want to do i Partner with someone to make a server does not matter type.

The fact that it was there in the first place is worrying.


They disabled my server a while ago directly after I had posted a thread about my server in the section for that and a Pixelmon Dev began flaming it telling his server was better… I’m guessing they googled my server because of what happened next.

They sent me a message via their forums telling me my server was disabled because one of my members had posted pixelmon direct download link on minecraftforums and referenced my server. They wouldnt reactivate my server until I could get the user to remove the post… I had no idea who the user was as their minecraftforums name didnt match any player I had on my server so I had to post on my servers forums and reply to the minecraftforums post it was posted on. For all I know it was probably the pixelmon devs excuse to disable my server.

This was on Christmas and I spent most of the day attempting to solve the sudden issue of my server shutting down, attempting to restart, and shutting back down (before I read my pixlemon forums message). The server would just load the world, files and restart. All the forced restarts caused many of the world chunks to corrupt. And even after they removed my servers lock it still failed to load because of corrupted chunks.
Here is the log from one of the restart cycles:

After this was all over I reported them to mojang and made multiple posts on various minecraft forums regarding pixelmons ability to disable servers.

I also had multiple occasions where Pixlemon devs would join my server requesting special treatment.

Screw the pixelmon devs.

Full discussion with the mod responsible for the disabling if anyone is curious:

Discussion with their main admin:


I have no clue why Pixelmon is getting so much hate.

Pixelmon had (and still does) some problems from people using their mod in ways that they were not allowed to. Thats why they added that code to allow them to actually prevent the people who are doing this kind of stuff to them. They have problems with redistribution on their mod from what I seen.

Pixelmon is a fun way to bring Pokemon onto Minecraft. Its not just a mod with backdoors. Its meant for people who break their rules. They don’t do stuff without a reason.

Two things I would like to point out. (Also woah necropost :open_mouth: )

First, the code was extremely intrusive. It had no consideration for people’s servers. It corrupted worlds.

Second, Pixelmon should not be allowed to control how a server owner runs their server. Reporting back is completely fine, but invasively controlling servers is wrong.

They could have handled things a lot better and chose not to. That’s why they are getting so much hate.


I agree and disagree but the player yet agreed to the facts that he or she who downloaded the mod that broke or violated their terms in anyway will result in that action. I think Pixelmon is a Core to whatever is ran on it. If they violate any of Pixelmons terms, Its quite understandable that they do that because their mod belongs to them.

At the same time it was a really bad choice to do that. They could of just locked the jar from being ran to a server that’s not allowed to run it because he/she violated their terms. Not shut down the server or preventing it to run.

That’s the thing. Players DIDN’T agree to it.

Pixelmon doesn’t have a Terms and Conditions document to go along with their mod. As result, any DRM they enforce is not agreed upon beforehand.

Try running it using the technic launcher… It disables your inventory completely, you get no pokemon and other weird stuff happens in game.

NOT cool.

Closing this topic as it has derailed to the point of people complaining about Pixelmon bugs/errors/incompatibilities with certain modpack launchers. Please use the forums appropriately.