Creating custom item?

To be completely honest, I only heard about SpongeAPI the other day, and I apologize if I have posted this in the wrong section. From the research I’ve done, Craftbukkit is unable to create custom items alone, is it possible with Sponge? If so, is there documentation on how?

Custom in a sense - yes.

Compared to Bukkit we provide an abstracted layer over NBT which we call “data” that will allow you to save arbitrary data to an item. You can read about that here:

So, for example, you could attach an items “class” like basic, legendary, etc.

However what you can’t do is create custom items themselves with Sponge alone. To have a custom ID or a custom texture (besides using resource packs), you’d need to create a companion forge mod. Unless you have a system for vanilla compatibility, you’d be stuck requiring people to have Forge which generally isn’t desired.

In much fewer words, you can’t accomplish anything with just Sponge that you couldn’t accomplish with just Bukkit, since they both abstract over the same system (although this doesn’t include API limitations).

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