Creative Tools: WorldEdit for all players and Project Worlds

I will write some plugins for protection and WorldEdit limitation, specially made for creative servers.

The ultimate goal is to give every player WorldEdit permission, so they can build whatever they want, but also to provide good protection.

A have already made Bukkit plugins doing most of the stuff I listed here, but never published them, and some of them are still not done.
If you have other ideas or suggestions, just tell me!


Worldedit usage limitor

Right now, WorldEdit causes a lot of lag and server crashes if you don't know how to use it. If you want to give all players permissions for worldedit, you have to be careful. First of all, you can **limit the amount of blocks** changed in the worldedit config, and disable critical commands. But thats not enough:
  • Set a command timeout for every player (e.g. 5 seconds between heavy commands like //set)
  • Global command timeout (e.g. only one heavy command in 3 seconds on the whole server)
  • Detect players who try to lag the server, auto-ban or remove WorldEdit permission

Advanced Plots

Make a plot plugin with optional worldedit support. Draft:
  • Players can only build in plots they bought with credit (Maybe economy support, one account per world?)
  • Approval System for finished plots (Players submit plot, gets new credit when a plot gets approved)
  • Plot Regeneration System for abandoned plots. After one month of inactivity, admins review and delete plots
    • Regeneration using World Generator
    • Regeneration using WorldEdit snapshots
    • Regeneration using rollback plugin?
  • Plot permission management. Flags: Owner, Manager, Worldedit, Builder
  • Maybe a nice GUI (Map and Inventory perm management), like
  • Infinite plots, and support World Border.
  • Players can use worldedit in their plots, using the worldedit global mask feature
  • If voxel sniper is still alive: Support it as well?

Not planned: Roads between plots. Plots should be connected for multi-plot structures!

Why plots and not regions?

When using regions, players don't use the land in an efficient way (I tried it with GriefPrevention). When using plots, there will be no gaps between the creations

Project Worlds

Give players their own world instead of a small plot.
  • Automatic setup scripts. Setup World type, generator, permissions, spawn, world border
  • Multiverse integration
  • World permission management. Flags: Owner, Manager, Worldedit, Builder

I like project worlds the most, If anything I would like to see that.

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A lot of those points will be supported in the new PlotMe. Mainly pointing out the “no roads” as the new PlotMe will support multiple world generators and that includes generators without roads.

The problem is not to make a world generator with roads. You can of course do that. But the plots in my plugin will be connected, there will be no gaps between them. So the roads would be a part of the plot.

That’s what I said. Plotme will support worldgen that has 0 blocks in-between plots.

Just a thought but have roads but allow neighboring plots owned by the same user be joined so they don’t just gain the space from the plots but as a bonus they also get the road that originally separated the plots. This would apply to the plugin for this thread and also the PlotMe author.

@shinji257 In the end, that’s not a problem for the developers, but rather an option for server owners, as they probably even want to allow users to join their plots easily. :slight_smile:

Provide it gets ported to sponge, Plotz just blows Advanced Plots away through the wind.