Critical injection failure on startup

I’m getting a critical injection failure when trying to start my server. This seems to be Sponge having a problem with another mod, unfortunately I can only see Sponge in the stack trace:

[Server thread/INFO] [STDERR/]: [org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.transformer.MixinTransformer:transform:536]: org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.injection.throwables.InjectionError: Critical injection failure: Redirector redirect$onGenerateWorld$0(Lnet/minecraftforge/fml/common/IWorldGenerator;Ljava/util/Random;IILnet/minecraft/world/World;Lnet/minecraft/world/chunk/IChunkGenerator;Lnet/minecraft/world/chunk/IChunkProvider;)V in mixins.forge.preinit.json:fml.common.registry.MixinGameRegistry failed injection check, (0/1) succeeded

The whole stack trace is here and this is the current modlist:

Forge version is forge-1.10.2- (though I’ve tried with build 2092, no luck)

Forgot to add the crash report file:

This is a known issue in Farseek

Ah I see, thank you for your help :slight_smile: