⚔ BlockyArena v0.5.0 - select custom kits and battle opponents for dominance

:mag_right: Overview

BlockyArena is a Sponge plugin that enables Minecraft servers to host duels.

:bookmark: Features

  • choose solo (1v1) and doubles (2v2) mode
  • support multiple duels running simultaneously
  • create custom kits with both Vanilla and MOD items
  • players’ inventories are auto-saved on join
  • no annoying respawn title screen on death

:notebook: Documentations

Please refer to the wiki page on Github for detailed guidance on using this plugin.

Github Wiki

:arrow_down: Downloads

Recommended builds are available for download via Ore Repository. However, if you would like to try out the latest bleeding builds or to find a specific version released in the past, consider visiting Github Releases.

Ore Versions Github Releases

:speech_balloon: Discord Support

Need help with BlockyArena? Have something great in mind? Check out our Discord channel to ask questions, report bugs, or suggest features … say whatever you want! The Discord channel is also linked to Github, so you will be notified of latest development updates.



:bulb: Updates: Pre-Release 0.3.0

Want to customize your player class by offering a diamond sword with Sharpness or Knockback? Now BlockyArena supports item enchantments for the player class system! So offer some enchanted items to your player classes and make the combat more intense!

  • support retrieving the enchantments of an item
  • prevent players from taking away arena-only items on quitting

To create a player class, put the kits in your inventory and type /arena create class <name>. Your inventory will be saved for that player class, so players will be able to retrieve that inventory by typing /arena getclass <name>. If any of the item is enchanted, players will get the enchanted version of it as well.

Possible to move their current inventory elsewhere and give them the class kit when the game starts? Then when it’s finished, give them their stuff back.

Right. I’ll definitely implement this functionality soon. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Is there a reward system when winning? Also something cool to think about adding would be point system.
Each time you play in the arena you get a point which when you have so many points you can unload classes/kits to use in the arena. I don’t know if that makes sense.

A reward system is something I really want to take into consideration, but right now have a low priority. However, it is possible to set permission for some advanced classes so that only certain group of players can access them. I’ll let you know when I have a more concrete plan on the reward system. :wink:


Oh something else that would be awesome would be a champion system. So when someone wins they are considered a champion and the person with the top wins in the arena becomes the boss or champion and when you kill them you get a bigger reward. Something along the lines of that. Just a thought.

I dont know if it is possible but since my server is on peaceful I wwas wondering if it was possible to stop the fast generation of hearts in the arena

Will it work normally on SpongeForge 1.10.2?

Great idea! I’ll try to come up with a way to implement this.

I’m not sure about this cuz I haven’t study the documentation on healing source yet. I’ll let you know if it is applicable :slight_smile:

BlockyArena works fine on 1.10.2 as well as all versions that come after it, but mod items may not be supported yet. Currently only vanilla weapons are recommended for creating player classes.

Got it :wink:

Is this still being developed?

Hi Verildan, I’m constantly working on this plugin so yes there will be updates rolling out soon. Issues and suggestions that I’ve responded to in this thread will likely be addressed in the next update. Stay tuned and thanks for your interest :hugs:

:new: Update: Pre-Release 0.4.0

This long-awaited update brings full support of MOD items and improves the general stability of the plugin. Previously generated configs of arenas and playerclasses are no longer compatible. Please remove the entire blockyarena config folder before loading the server with this update. Most of the commands are changed, so please refer to the wiki for an updated instruction.

Detailed refinements are listed below:

  • autosave player’s inventory on join
  • health and food level is maxed on join
  • play solo and doubles mode
  • solutions that deal with sudden quit/logout in any phase of a duel
  • support creating custom kits with MOD items
  • detailed properties of items like enchantment and durability can be accurately logged
  • commands are refined

:loudspeaker: BugFix: Alpha 0.4.1

This is a bug fix update that resolved the following issues:

  • NSE exception if an equipment slot is left empty when creating kit

Join our Discord for detailed development updates and instant supports :wink:

:new: Update: Pre-Release 0.5.0

Permission nodes updates:
create command: blockyarena.create
remove command: blockyarena.remove
edit command: blockyarena.edit

Change Log

  • Add remove command for deleting any existing arena or kit.
  • Add a victory/gameover screen and a kill effect.
  • Add a message displaying the attacker’s name when a player is eliminated.
  • Fix #10, players take attack damage from teammates in doubles mode
  • Fix #12, death screen appears if a player is beaten into the void
  • Fix #17, kits that contain missing MOD items cause exception on server start

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In our continuing effort to phase out the Plugin Releases category, this thread is being locked because the plugin is already listed on Ore.

Check it out: https://ore.spongepowered.org/Darcy_Chen/BlockyArena