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Welcome to the next generation payment gateway. CubedPay was built from the ground-up to be developer first and easy to integrate in any project you need it for.​

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Downloads available from our GitLab Releases.

Latest Release: 0.6.2 - Details

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What makes us different?

CubedPay isn’t your normal gateway - we’re different in a few ways.


We only make money when you do. All of our plans are based on taking a small cut of transactions you process through us. There are no monthly minimums or ever increasing plan costs - what you see is what you get.


Our control panel and dashboard use the same API that we publish for developers. There is no need to rely on console commands being sent to your server, and no need to deal with archaic in-game GUIs for store browsing, just what you want your users to experience.


Joining the CubedPay network allows you to leverage our existing customer base. We safely and securely remember all of your customer’s details for later use when checking out - even allowing them to setup Payment Passes for automatic charges from in-game. Requiring players to re-enter details constantly is unnecessary.

Not convinced yet?

Let’s get to the details…

  • Extremely quick checkout. You can begin the checkout process ingame, then forward users to CubedPay to confirm their payment. They get their purchase in seconds thanks to the available use of webhooks and quick package polling.
  • Extremely simple integration . Add our Java Library to your project and listen for TransactionCompleteEvent . That’s it! You’re ready to start accepting payments.
  • Safety First . We don’t expose sensitive user data to webstores, and we only share basic information to merchants. All customer payment methods are securely and safely tokenized by our payment processing partners.
  • Built-In Support Ticketing. Customers can ask questions about their purchase right from the CubedPay dashboard. You can allow customized actions to happen by listening for the respective events in your project.
  • Complimentary Webstore. Quickly setup and customize your webstore using one of our premium themes, or make it your own with full CSS control. (Coming Soon)
  • Instant Package Delivery . Use advanced features like webhooks or sockets to ensure your players get their purchases as soon as possible. There are no delays necessary and no need to wait up to 10 minutes for payments.
  • Subscriptions with built-in management. Players can subscribe to your packages and cancel or add time directly from their dashboard. (Coming Soon)
  • Coupons & Sales. Drive shop traffic with discounts on popular packages and encourage quick spending by adding countdown timers to your pages for remaining sale time.
  • Payment Pass. Setup a payment pass with your customer and make charges automatically against their accounts in the future. Automatic reloads of premium currency? In-Game item purchases? You got it, and we give full security and restriction customization to the customer.
  • Gifting. Easily gift your purchase to another player, without risk of chargeback bans.
  • Advanced insights. We leverage our network of customers and stores to give suggestions to increase conversions, payments, and server traffic. (Coming Soon)
  • Taxes & Custom Fees. Ensure you meet all local regulatory requirements.

Images speak louder than words…

Customer dashboard, profile manager.

Store dashboard, homepage.

Webstore Example


Let’s get started.

I like what you have going here I do, but I really don’t see the value.

  1. If a server makes over 1k usd, it is actually more expensive than Buycraft. Buycraft may limit you to only 7500 usd on the ultimate plan, but then you could simply do 49.99 usd a month and have unlimited with only a 1% cut after 7500.
    Basically making buycraft who has been here for years and trusted a far better value.

  2. Craftingstore who has only been out for a short while, is already cheaper than you by far and Buycraft, 8.99 a month for unlimited basically everything.

So to my conclusion, what you have is nice, and will be great once polished. But it is kind of a ripoff for anyone who actually makes decent money monthly from Minecraft compared to your well established competition. I would also add that Craftingstore being as new. already doubles if not triples the features you currently offer.
I would consider using cubedpay if it came out cheaper than buycraft, but why would anyone switch from a perfectly working platform to go to something more expensive?

Thanks for reading.

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What if the server doesn’t make “decent money”? I can still see the value of this in servers that are just starting up.


Thanks for the feedback!

Stores making 1k or more are eligible for Enterprise, which has fees as low as 0.5%.

We’ve only been in public beta for a couple weeks and our feature set will be expanding massively as we have a large team behind it - as well as our focus not just being limited to Minecraft. :slight_smile:

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with!


What’s your policy on Mojang EULA enforcement?

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Good question!

We don’t police stores or what they sell. Stores assume their own liability in accordance with the terms of service of games we support.

0.4.5 Release


  • CHANGE Add executeTransaction() to the shop api.
  • FIX Change id to package in Item . This fixes item creation for transactions. Deprecated getId() and added getPackage() in Item to reflect these changes.

Download here:

If you have any questions please let us know!

It’s been a bit since I’ve last been here!

0.6 Release

  • NEW Added ShopPackageCondition for conditional products.
  • NEW Added methods to view and manage package conditions:
    • CubedPayShopAPI.createShopPackageCondition() - Adds a condition to a package
    • CubedPayShopAPI.deleteShopPackageCondition() - Removes a condition from a package
    • CubedPayShopAPI.updateShopPackageCondition() - Updates a package’s pre-existing condition
    • CubedPayShopAPI.getShopPackageConditions() - Returns a list of conditions on a package
  • NEW Added TopPurchaser, RecentPurchase, and PopularPackage objects to neatly store data returned by the new statistics widgets.
  • NEW Added methods to view shop statistics (Note - Their corresponding sidebar modules MUST be present in order to use these):
    • CubedPayShopAPI.getTopPurchasers() - Returns a list of the shop’s highest-paying users
    • CubedPayShopAPI.getRecentPurchases() - Returns a list of the shop’s most recent purchases
    • CubedPayShopAPI.getMostPopularPackages() - Returns a list of the shop’s most popular items
  • NEW Added ShopPage Meta to enable the use of external page linking and sub-pages.
  • NEW Added the ShopMedia object to retrieve information about the shop assets a Shop or PublicShop is using.
  • NEW Added methods to view and manage shop media:
    • CubedPayShopAPI.deleteShopMedia() - Removes an asset from a shop
    • CubedPayShopAPI.getShopMedia() - Returns the shop asset with the provided ID
    • CubedPayShopAPI.listShopMedia() - Returns a cursor of a shop’s assets
  • NEW Added the ShopTemplateMeta object to retrieve information about the template a Shop or PublicShop is using.
  • NEW Added the getIcon() method to the ShopPage object to get the name of a page’s icon (if applicable).
  • CHANGE ShopPage Meta is now a required field for the CubedPayShopAPI.createPage() and CubedPayShopAPI.updatePage() methods.

Download here:

If you have any questions, please let us know!

From your website:

Payment methods provided by players are tokenized before being stored on CubedPay servers.

Its unclear to me what credit card processor/payment gateway you are using and whenever that company has pcidss compliance audit.

Hey @NeumimTo

For card storage we work with Stripe directly. When you link with them you grant CubedPay permissions to your Stripe dashboard, which allows your store to use the tokenized data that we collected on the application level.

0.6.2 Release

  • NEW Added method getSlug() to the ShopPage object, which returns the page’s vanity URL (if applicable).
  • CHANGE CubedPayShopAPI.createPage() and CubedPayShopAPI.updatePage() now require an additional parameter for the page’s vanity URL.

Download here: