CubeEngine - Elevator - Lift up and down using signs

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CubeEngine - Elevator

Lift up and down using signs


  • Create Elevators by shift-left clicking signs with enderpearls
  • Change the floor name shift-left clicking with a renamed paper
  • Change the elevator destination by shift-left and right clicking


  • [[Usage|Usage]]


  • [[ElevatorConfig|Config]]


Permission Description
cubeengine.elevator Base Permission for Elevator
cubeengine.elevator.adjust Allows adjusting elevators
cubeengine.elevator.create Allows creating elevators
cubeengine.elevator.rename Allows renaming elevators
cubeengine.elevator.use Allows using elevators

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A new version has been released for CubeEngine - Elevator, it is available for download here.

Fixes a problem with empty hand detection preventing to change the target floor.