CubeEngine - Spawner - Lets you move spawners

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CubeEngine - Spawner

Lets you move spawners


  • Break spawners with Silktouch enchanted tool to get inactive spawners
  • Place inactive spawners and activate them with spawn eggs

Additional Permissions:

Permission Description
cubeengine.spawner Base Permission for Spawner
cubeengine.spawner.break Allows obtaining inactive monster spawners
cubeengine.spawner.egg Allows creating all types of spawners with spawneggs
cubeengine.spawner.egg.bat Allows creating bat spawners
cubeengine.spawner.egg.blaze Allows creating blaze spawners
cubeengine.spawner.egg.cave_spider Allows creating cave_spider spawners
cubeengine.spawner.egg.chicken Allows creating chicken spawners
cubeengine.spawner.egg.cow Allows creating cow spawners
cubeengine.spawner.egg.creeper Allows creating creeper spawners
cubeengine.spawner.egg.enderman Allows creating enderman spawners
cubeengine.spawner.egg.ghast Allows creating ghast spawners Allows creating horse spawners
cubeengine.spawner.egg.magma_cube Allows creating magma_cube spawners
cubeengine.spawner.egg.mooshroom Allows creating mooshroom spawners
cubeengine.spawner.egg.ocelot Allows creating ocelot spawners
cubeengine.spawner.egg.pig Allows creating pig spawners
cubeengine.spawner.egg.sheep Allows creating sheep spawners
cubeengine.spawner.egg.silverfish Allows creating silverfish spawners
cubeengine.spawner.egg.skeleton Allows creating skeleton spawners
cubeengine.spawner.egg.slime Allows creating slime spawners
cubeengine.spawner.egg.spider Allows creating spider spawners
cubeengine.spawner.egg.squid Allows creating squid spawners
cubeengine.spawner.egg.villager Allows creating villager spawners
cubeengine.spawner.egg.witch Allows creating witch spawners
cubeengine.spawner.egg.wolf Allows creating wolf spawners
cubeengine.spawner.egg.zombie Allows creating zombie spawners
cubeengine.spawner.egg.zombie_pigman Allows creating zombie_pigman spawners
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Would you be able to add the ability for a player with specific perm to get back the spawner they are breaking, instead of the inactive spawner, or an egg of the type spawner?

Dropping the egg should be easy to add. I’ll get to it when I get the time.