Custom Chunk Load


It would be awesome to have a plugin that would be focus on chunk loading for players.
Let me explain; I love FTBUtilities however it seems to be somewhat limited to what it can do. Basically it has offline chunk load but doesn’t have the timer anymore (e.g.; loads for 2h after the player left server) or doesn’t have an admin panel where you can manage the players chunks (seeing where, how much it takes on the cpu/ram, tick, if it’s loaded or not and to easily unloaded it if it is, etc…). Something else that would be interesting would be to separate the loaded chunks and the offline loaded chunks, so you can have the option of having lets say 8 chunks with 6 loaded online and 2 offline/online loaded.
Also being it a plugin it would be a lot easier to update it.

It be a big project that I’m sure, who’d be welling to take the challenge :smiley:

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Love the idea! Atm there isn’t even a mod that do that, I wonder if it is even possible do, it sounds really complicated.

I have made my own version of BetterChunkLoader by KaiKikuchi, which was ported to sponge by ShadowNode.

I decided to make this version as i started to encounter lots of bugs with shadownodes version and had a few ideas that would improve on the design of the plugin.

I have not got a wiki up on how everything works yet but it is simple and everything you need is either in the /bcl command, the permission file on github or the config file.

This allows for online chunk loading, which has limits, commands to add more per player and offline chunk loading with timers.

There is also a in-game chat list with all the current chunk loaders in world using /bcl list all [alwayson/online(Optionals)] and a permission node for /bcl list so players can list their own chunk loaders and both lists can have the loader edited without having to be near them.

If you have any questions, just ask :slight_smile:

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Alright cool I’ll check it out! Thanks :slight_smile:

Сraftbook has a module ChunkAnchor.

Hey that plugin looks really cool! I’ve tried it and can’t wait to use it. However I came across an issue not sure why but once I right click the block with the rod, the gui opens with a row of empty glass. Hovering over them says how much to chunkload but click on them doesn’t do anything other then grabbing them. Once clicked the glass is in my hand and I can move it to my inventory and reset them by reopening the chunkload with the rod, duplicating the glass. I really hope there is a fix I would love to use your plugin!

What api version and modpack are you testing it on, I have only tested it on API 7 since i only have it run on my 1.12.2 packs

I have two server 1.12.2 and 1.10.2 I haven’t tried 1.12.2 yet I tested it on the 1.10.2. I’ll check it on the 1.12.2 tonight

Alright so I’ve tested it out on our 1.12.2 and it seems to work perfect! Thanks a lot!
Would it be possible if the 1.10.2 could be fix :crossed_fingers:
I’d be so happy 'cause honestly I love it :smiley:

Ill try my best to figure it out :slight_smile:

You’re the best! :blush:

Took a quick look into it and found that the way i was handling the inventory event for API7 wasnt working with API 5 for some reason.

I changed that and tested it on my minimal test server which looks as if it is now working as intended.

The API5 jar in this link has been updated with changes I made :slight_smile:

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Leelawd93! love your plugin man! pretty much exactly what I needed and it works beautifully! I was wondering tho is it possible to modify the size because I 81 chunks is way too much and I don’t want player to think that is a possibility so I would of simply reduced it to 3 size (25 chunks).

I’ve also tried adding more chunkloaders like a gold block that does 12h instead of 24h in the core config and didn’t seem to work. I even tried deleting the AlwaysOn and Online chunkload but gets added back every start.

Oh and if I can suggest I mean if you are still open to innovate on it (which you should because it’s perfect how we have better control over these chunks) : having a marking of the chunk that is loads so like example (ftbutilies highlight on the map or compatible with WorldEditCUI).

Thanks a lot your the best!!!

Does this mod have to go on the client as well as the server? I had it on my server and I cant seem to get the gui to come up when I right click with the blaze rod. Frankly I cannot seem to use any of the commands either and I am set up as an admin. Its not even a matter of the server saying I dont have permission its just saying its an unknown command when I type /bcl
Edit: I think I have it working now. I looked at the logs and it appears something was keep the config files occupied and the mod was not loading because it could not access the configs.

Okay, new topic. How do I add to a players balance without doing it through the config? I am looking for like a command line thing so that I could have maybe like a commandsign set up that would allow the addition to the players balance upon paying some item.

Edit: I figured this one out also. The chunks command. I was thinking that was for something else. Sorry for spamming the forum and then figuring it out myself.

Is there a way to have the mod set a specified permission when the player’s account hits the maximum limit for chunks and then set a different permission when the player is below the max limit? I want to use command signs to allow the player to purchase chunks. However, if the amount purchased exceeds the maximum limit the sign cannot grant the chunks but then still charges the player. I am hoping to be able to toggle a custom permission and then have the sign check the permission before allowing the player to use the sign.

Luckily im still subbed to this thread. although im not sure that posting here about would have been the best. :stuck_out_tongue:

Suggestions would be better suited for the github issues, Im not dead yet. I still frequent around here and my support discord :wink:

I will look into your suggestion and see what i can do.

I also need to sort out the wiki page for it, it isnt as intuitive as i thought it would be

I’ve searched and have read the entire internet and can’t seem to find how to set default number of chunks a user or group gets when they join. the add and set command words for player but not groups.
I have DefaultAlwayson=0 and DefaultOnline=2 but it doesn’t add anything to my balance, is there someting i’m doing wrong? no errors either. Conf file: core.conf

There was a change to the code that means you need to set this with metadata. For example, “/lp group default meta set online-chunks 4” will configure 4 loaders as the base. alwayson-chunks and online-chunks are the two types you can set.

Took me ages to figure this out, so posting this info for anybody else who finds themself here.