Custom Crafting!

Hello there!

I, with many, urgently need a pluggin to control Crafting recipes. blacklisting certain craftable items is priority. after that, making Custom ones would be great addition!

I tried Action Control, but it was bad. No explanation on how to use it and website was broken.

Some of this won’t be possible until this PR is merged:

There is also this, although it may hit the same hurdles that Aaron mentioned.

I haven’t been able to get custom recipes working (yet) but I have made a plugin that works fairly well in practice, though has some limitations you’ll need to get around.

First, because of the way I’m doing this, you need to manually add the config (Located at ./config/customcrafting/customcrafting.conf) and follow a template like this

Second, again because of technicalities, it (probably) won’t work on anything lower than 1.10.2. I’ve tested it from 1.10.2 to 1.11.2 and it seems to work, but I make no promises for lower versions

That being said, if you still want a dl, PM me.