Custom /help index


First of all, I am not a developer or programmer but just hosting a small community server for my friends. I would like to request a plugin where /help list can me modified (override custom text based on what I want to display) just like Custom Help plugin from Spigot. Please help me :frowning:


I would love this ability, too, since there are mod commands showing up when they probably shouldn’t for the players. What I have taken to is using /rules instead from Nucleus and have it display the commands via text I entered manually.


Hopefully there is someone with a kind heart can port this plugin into sponge:


If i get some time. I will happy make a custom help menu, but im not porting anything, if i am going to make something i rather it be 100% my code and my control then anything else


Thank you so much for noticing my thread! I almost switch back to spigot (they have a lot of resources), luckily Pixelmon sidemod requires SpongeForge that bring me back to sponge…


Like i said before “if i have time”. I have a lot of work to do, so free plugins doesnt make a priority