Custom Pixelmon Quests Plugin (1500$ Budget)

Hello! I’m Crumbled! I’m the owner of PokeHub Pixelmon, and we’re bringing back an old 2014 era gamemode, and need a quests plugin to do so!

Work Needed
This will be a large quests plugin. Will need to include events for: Block breaking, block placing, NPC interaction, pixelmon interaction, track player locations (player visits x y z), pixelmon catching, pokedex %, run events based on pokemon the player has, items the player has, items picked up, types of pixelmon caught (ex. 5 grass types)

Quest book showing all quests, completed quests, and quests started

Application based quest designer: Allows you to create quests easily and quickly. Just double click the plugin jar file that contains the plugin, and an application will open that allows you to create and edit your quests!

Although simple, it also will have the potential to be as complex as you want with support for complex logic in unlocking quests with operators like || (or), &&; (and), and ! (not)

Remote backups

Permission Integration

More info on discord, but this is an example on the plugin size.

Right now, I have received pledges from a couple of other server owners adding up to around $1500 USD

This can be a portfolio item, but will be completely closed. The only people who get access are the ones who helped with the original price of commission. Due to the fact that we want updates to keep it working, and additions when we find something missing or a feature we’d like added, I have no problem with finding people who’d like to buy a copy of the plugin after the fact.

Contact me on discord, #Crumbled#1034