CustomBooks - Have a custom welcome book that players don't have to hold and can request at any time

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Ever want to display custom books to your users when they join your server? Want your players to be able to request the book again with a simple command? So do I and that is why I created this plugin.


When a player joins they will get a custom book designed by you! And unlike other plugins the book does not go into their inventory or replace any of their items. Don’t worry, need to see the book again? Players can summon the book using /book


  • /book - Summons and displays the custom book to the requester
  • /book reload - Reloads the custom book configuration file


  • custombooks.command.use - Required to use the /book command
  • custombooks.onjoin.receive - Any player with this permission will receive the book when they join
  • custombooks.command.reload - Any player with this permission can reload the book. Mean for administrators

Is this plugin kept up on? I see the op still visits. Threw some errors when I tried to use it.

13.02 01:44:52 [Server] pool-4-thread-43/INFO [custombooks]: Checking for config - is the error


Thanks for the report, I’ll start digging in. What Sponge are you using and what version?

Also, initial inspection seems it was unable to copy the default configuration. What kind of server are you running?

the latest on both sponge 1.12 and the recommended forge with it.
A pixelmon server.

NO FUNCIONA nada de este complemento