Customisable Lucky Blocks Plugin Wanted! (willing to negotiate)

hey there, i am looking for a fully customisable lucky blocks plugin for sponge 1.10.2 and that supports commands and modded items (for pixelmon related drops) i have seen a lot of plugins for bukkit/spigot that use a sponge block (default) as the lucky block.

i do know that there is a pixelmon lucky block mod already in existence, but that requires the base lucky block mod to be installed, and that can further reduce possible players that could potentially join the server.

if anyone is willing to do this, or has a sponge plugin like this let me know as soon as you can (if you are willing to make this we can discuss things further on skype or something).

Cheers for taking a look at this and have an awesome day! :smile:

The resource pack part is very easy - make a custom resource pack, upload it somewhere like Dropbox, and put the direct download link in the resource-pack field in

yea, i know that, i dont know why i mentioned that part :sweat_smile: i guess i wasnt thinking properly at the time, ill change it now

I’m working on the plugin, just so you know.

Awesome dude I can’t thank you enough! Any idea on possible timeframes to when this may be done?

No clue. Hopefully by the end of the week, though I doubt like hell that’s going to happen.

Lol No worries then, just @ me when it’s all gucci :slight_smile:

Hey I was wondering if you finished the plugin or got a plugin for this?

Hi, was the plugin finally released? I would need it urgently