Customize death messages

Hello everyone,

I have a question about custom death messages.
On spigot platform I was using plugin Legendary Messages and I would like to be able to do this on Sponge too.

Is there any option how to do this?
For example instead of Player fell from high place -> Player tried to be like Superman, but failed and to have it with color codes.

Is there any option, how to do this?
In addition, to be able to change this messages for custom death reasons from mods? (Like IC2 - killed by electric)

Thank you a lot,

SpongeAPI should be able to make a really really kickass death message system considering it’s cause API. Only issue is if overriding vanilla, you are going to go from something translatable to something potentially non translatable.

If someone starts working on this plugin, I’d gladly help with any cause or lifecycle tracking changes needed to create more complex death and damage tracking.

I’ve always been jealous of competitive minecraft servers knowing the difference between a suicide and a push for example.

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