Data API Implementation

So, as it has come to light that many developers are trying to write plugins for SpongeAPI, a lot of the Data API has yet to actually be implemented. As the issue list can be viewed for the checklist, of course, there are some priorities for implementation.

So now I ask, what data manipulators do YOU want to be implemented first? (this is more along the lines of prioritizing the implementation for what developers need first than just writing from the top of the list).

Priority List:

I’ll be updating the priority list as it goes along.


BanData & WhitelistData



Isn’t AttachedData a generic class? Maybe this could be usefully to handle all the blocks temporary?

HealthData and FoodData.

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ExperienceHolder, HorseData, JoinData, RespawnLocationData, MobSpawnerData

All Item Data.

VelocityData, DamagingData, IgniteableData so I can update the SimpleFireball plugin example :smile:

I would also love to contribute some of my time helping anywhere I can with implementation if possible. Looking forward to digging into the system more, just need a starting point.

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Packet data? :blush:

You’re funny. There is no such thing as PacketData in SpongeAPI.

I have to confer with @gratimax on actually implementing a ban system because, well, that’s stepping into a different API section altogether.

I can implement that really quickly, likely today after I get BlockState implemented correctly.

Not sure what you mean. AttachedData is specifically for signifying that a block is attached to something, the immediate impementation would apply to things like BlockTypes.TRIPWIRE and BlockTypes.TRIPWIRE_HOOK.

I’ll get this in shortly after PotionData.

Priority no. 4.

Priority No. 5, and I’ll be updating the SimpleFireball as I’m doing it as I’ll be using it to test the implementation.

Could you specify what Item data you’d like implemented? I can’t just bundle all item data as that’s a fair bit of classes to implement.


I’m suggesting it should be implemented…

I thought that AttachedData was something like an NBT editor class without known parameters. And if we wanted to read/write NBT from forge blocks we could use the generic class. But I am guessing I am wrong :stuck_out_tongue:.

I don’t think you understand what Data API is. Please go re-read the issue I posed in the OP.

[quote=“thomas15v, post:13, topic:6876”]
I thought that AttachedData was something like an NBT editor class without known parameters
[/quote]Did you read the javadocs?

Whoops I am sorry :worried:.
(We really need links to docs, downloads, javadocs, … on this goddamn forum. I keep forgetting that their are javadocs … .)

I would link them in every instance I can, but… that takes a lot of extra time to get a link to the javadoc, properly format it for the forums… eh, too much work.

Need a browser plugin to auto generate javadoc links for a selected class name


That’s a great idea, @RobodudeMC any chance on some javascript magic for tampermonkey?

I will look into that. That could be useful. This should really be a discourse plugin though.


PR then :wink: <ffojgrejaer

@viveleroi BlockState has been implemented.
@Impervious PotionEffectData has been implemented.

Now to work on HealthData and FoodData.