Davincis Vessels not working with sponge

So I was loading my modpack with sponge and several plugins, but it seemed as if I could only run one or the other. After testing multiple mods, what I found was that sponge and its plugins would only load if the mod Davincis Vessels were removed.

Server log without davincis vessels: https://pastebin.com/wSQJT0jp
Server log with davincis vessels: https://pastebin.com/5jrMng4K

Any idea on how I could fix this? Help is much appreciated.

solved by renaming the sponge jar to load before moving world as it uses a newer mixin version, making sponge not load

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Hey, can you give an instruction on how to make sponge start first?

It is the same technique as oldmixen and listed in the common crash post