Dealing with server lag

Hello guys,

we are running a heavily modded server and everything went smoothly for half a year, but now we started to get huge amount of lags. Mostly, server lags when somebody is trying to mine or build. We already reduced server render distance and amount of entities but that does not seem to help

Timings: here

Our mod setup: here

Thanks in advance

Based upon your timings, most of the lag your getting is coming from mod events as well as entity spawn and tick.

How many entities have you reduce it to? Compared to how many entities are actually in the worlds?

Last time I reduced it it was something like 2500->1500 entities for same amount of players. And i think the number was around 3000 before i started using InControl mobspawn rules couple of weeks ago.

I tried deleting InControl and it had little or no effect.

I also tried turning on sponge’s tileEntity activation range but still no effect.

I tried tweaking more configs and also increased heap size in Aikars flags.
Now the situation is seemingly better, but TPS drops still worry me

New timings: here

You have a plugin called Chest Refill which is taking up a lot of resources on a schedule. Try talking to the owner of this plugin to reduce the load

Kinda strange, we had this plugin for months already. Disabled it for some time.
We also found that Recurrent Complex sometimes make a 1-tick calculation for 4 seconds or smth.
This chages, already made tps loss 2 times better.
Also we found that Embers does too much calculation on world tick and server ticks, so we will try to alter the sourcecode to reduce the frequency.

Thanks for the help

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