Death Penalty Plugin (monetary)

Looking to be able to take a % bite out of a player’s current balance when they die.
Keep inventory is enabled, and so players have been dying to fast-travel.
We’re using economy lite and the Pixelmon reforged mod, and of all the plugins I’ve managed to locate none of them work for us.

Easy enough to do. Im about to sleep but if no one else takes this, im more then happy to make it for you as a public plugin

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I would really appreciate that, thank you so much.

You might wanna look at this

Thank you for pointing that plugin out to me, however, we’ve tested it and it seems to be dead.

Sorry for the delay. So much has happened. Should be able to work on the plugin soon

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Thank you for taking the time.

Hello MoseMister, I’m really appreciative of the plugin you crafted.
We’re uncertain what parameter to use in order to utilize percentage, can you let me know what it is, please?
we’ve tried PERCENT and PERCENTAGE

Oh shoot. Completely forgot about percent. Ill add the parameter in the next update (be ready soon). Sorry

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Thank you so much!


Hello Mosemister, thanks again for creating this plugin and tweaking it for use in percentage loss.
We’re attempting to utilize it on our server but it doesn’t seem to be triggering.

Recent Log

I’ve shown the log to someone else and they could see no error caused by your plugin. I’m aware this is likely on our end, however, if there is any insight you could put forward, it would help a lot.
The only inconsistency I see is that the server we run uses Spongeforge 7.2.1 while the plugin was made for the newest release.

Please let me know if you’d rather I seek information elsewhere, I don’t want to be a bother.
Thank you.

Hey, Im here to help, no matter what. Ask as many questions as you like your not a bother.

Even though Death Payment was designed for API 7.2 it doesnt use any new code, so much so that I belive it would work on API 7.0.0.

Did the original version work? If so then it maybe a permission issue as the original did not have any ignore permissions while the 1.1 version introduced it.

Your running LuckPerms, it doesnt respect OP, so the only way in which the permission was given is if someone else added it, or you have a dangrous permission added such as “*” which gives all permissions no matter what.

You can check if the issue is caused by the permission by the following command

/lp check <user> deathpayment.take.ignore
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Ah you are an honest to goodness savior
You called it right, the plugin wasn’t working properly earlier but I assumed it had been because we were putting the wrong information in the config
The command fixed it,
I am very excited for its implementation, thanks so much.

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Just say if you want any extra feature(s)

Oh and as for config, if a incorrect value is entered, it should read it as the default value. The exception being cuttype