Death Penalty

Death penalty plugin that deducts an amount from a player’s balance if they die? or like give them slowness or blindness for 10 minutes etc. Would be nice if someone can make one :smiley:

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seen this in the recents and was like… yep snow must have posted this. +1

lol, need one to stop those pesky abusers from doing suicides to get their hunger back to full.

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Your statement got me to decide to do this plugin. :grin:
I think I will work on this soon.

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possibly even multiple ways at once to stop the keep-inv hunger abuse. ie. Cost exp levels too; snow has keep-inventory on his server so they don’t lose anything if they die. I’d like to think it may be a good idea for a death to cost more then just money; possibly even reset their exp to 0 if they die + economy balance deduction + anything else (ofcourse with configurable options to disable any part that you don’t want)

Deduct fixed amount or percentage from players economy balance + reset their exp to 0 (-1 = reset completely, 0 = don’t remove any <1 deduct a % of it or a fixed amount) + Potion Effect (default = slowness)

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Awesome!! @RandomByte <3

And yeah, exp reset would be nice, but I thought of giving them a 10 minute potion effect that can be annoying enough to stop them from doing it again such as blindness or slowness, even nausea. The more customizable the better :smiley:

But what prevents the XP being reset? The keepInventory?

yeah the keepinventory prevents the xp from being reset; its one reason my servers are currently not using keepinventory but people whine and complain about it not being on, ontop of the hunger bypass it doesnt help their xp stays too; and seeing how in 1.8 minecraft completely f’d the enchanting by only taking 1-3enchant levels per use its even worse.

There it is. Suggestions are welcome!

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