Deathban - Tale as Old as Time

Hello everyone! i am fairly new here and saw an opportunity to request a longtime, dead plugin genre. I am looking for a Deathban plugin, one like in the old time HCF servers, that would work for the newest version of Sponge Forge. Are there any alternatives already available that have temp and perma bans with lives, or can someone point me in the right direction of how to acquire one? I really want this hardcore survival server to be functional but I can’t seem to find what I’m looking for.

Thank you again so much!

If you want to ban a player on death then just enable the hardcore feature in server properties.

As for more configuration then that, then sadly you will need to wait for someone else to respond

I can give a try to your request if no plugins like this exists but got several questions :

  • Does your plugin need Sponge 1.12 (as newer versions aren’t really stable)?
  • What features do you expect from the plugin (only automatic ban handling, meaning there is no command to pardon temp bans other than editing the stored data (file or database))?
  • Does it mean there’s a kind of threshold that means that, when you die too much, you got banned permanently?

Well, if you find no plugins and are able to explain very precisely what you want, I might try to do one as I’m looking for ideas :slight_smile: Would be a great first exercise to apply some SOLID principles I learned and practiced recently