Hello Guys,

in the past weak I created a modpack for a Survival&RPG-Server. But I’m still missing one feature.
I want that every player who dies, will get temporary banned from the server for 12 hours. I have already searched for a mod or plugin that could work but I couldn’t find anything (just Bukkit/Spigot plugins).
As an optional feature (NOT absolutely necessary): someone who is banned tries to connect and will get a message for how long he is still banned.

Hope you have a nice day and are able to help me!

EDIT: I will use the recommended build for SpongeForge 1.12.2-2838-7.3.0

Hello :slight_smile: How would you like the temp ban to be save? In a database, in a file, in a sqlite database? :slight_smile:

Hello Olrik_Gunnolfson :slight_smile: ,

The plugin would be for a private server with fewer members, a file would be totally enough.
BUT I already have a plugin for this, unfortunately I got it on Fiverr and so I am not able to post it here.

Oh ok! Hope it is all good to you then :slight_smile: