Debugging environment problems


Today I’m ready to deploy the debug environment into eclipse, i follow the SpongeForge’s readme file, but there are many error, as mentioned above( there was actually more before I built spongeforge ), I tried to create a folder completion, but it didn’t work. Can a friend who is also using eclipse tell me what to do? many thanks!


I just looked at Mumfrey tutorial video, It may not be suitable for this version, when I import, there are many, many errors, When i try run after solved all the error, a message dialog show:A java Exception has occurred. And console show:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.AbstractMethodError: org.apache.logging.log4j.core.impl.Log4jContextFactory.getContext(Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/lang/ClassLoader;Ljava/lang/Object;ZLjava/net/URI;Ljava/lang/String;)Lorg/apache/logging/log4j/spi/LoggerContext;
	at org.apache.logging.log4j.LogManager.getContext(
	at org.apache.logging.log4j.LogManager.getLogger(
	at net.minecraftforge.gradle.GradleStartCommon.<clinit>(


I will transfer to idea and try again recently.


The current git environment is not very eclipse friendly, and when I moved to idea, everything was fine