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For plugins using Economy and using money but there are multiple economy plugins out there. Which one will the plugin developer chooses also effect how it will play with other plugins. 2 plugins may use 2 different economy plugins. What will need to be done with this problem? Is this what the Economy API is used for?

Edit: Thanks everyone but one more question. If one economy plugin has something that another has. Is there a way to set a default economy plugin so you can have 2? I know of multiple economy plugins and each has their ups and downs. Is that possible?

Yep, that’s what the economy API is for. It means that the choice of economy plugin solely up to the server owner, not plugin developers.

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In general, why would you run 2 different economy plugins? I don’t see it as a problem, as there is little sense in doing that. There is little practicality - you normally choose the plugin that suits you best, and if there is a feature missing, from experience you can always ask the developer to add to it. That is why you normally see lengthy comments in EconomyLite, Polis, Essentials and so on.

The type of economy should remain at the discretion of the servers, in my opinion.

Running more than one economy plugin at a time would have drastic consequences, especially if they switch “who’s the default economyapi” every time you boot up.

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That was one of my questions. Running 2 different economy plugins would be a bad idea and that was my worry. That certain plugins would use one economy plugin like TotalEconomy and I may get another plugin and it would use another like CraftConomy.

Indeed, fact this, I don’t think there is much merit in using two when you can help improving one by suggesting features, reporting bugs, etc.

Good point there but I was asking if there was a way to set a default economy plugin. Is there a way? Another thing I would like to mention is some plugins may have API’s to add features. Some plugins may be made to support these. I want to know if this is possible.

As in, include it in the key features of spongeforge? If that is what you mean, I think that still, it would be forcing the servers to have economy running, even though some might have no need for it.

Well thanks for the help.

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