Default Group

When I ran /nucleus setupperms -g it gave everyone in the server default perms which are admins perms and I can’t remove them without destroying the way the perms work. How do I make it so whenever someone joins the server they don’t get the default group? Or how can I make it so that I can keep my admin perms on the server and not have the default group have the admin perms?

If you have followed the instructions at the Nucleus Wiki, then you should now have a set of permission groups - default, mod, admin and owner. You need to make sure that your players are in the right group - and not in several. Try using the Luckperms command /lp user (username) info to see what groups they have.

So people were in the right group but the default group had group.mod and group.mod has group.admin etc, and whenever someone reconnects to the server they are given the default group it was giving them admin commands. So I just copied all the permissions in the default group to a group that won’t be auto-assigned to people when they join the server.